Plump Up the Jam

so many pink glosses, so little time.

First off, I want to throw a bit of praise out to Cat Marnell, who covers beauty over at in a very one-of-a-kind way that makes me want to sort of buy everything she recommends. For example, this is her on Sally Hansen’s Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm:

This one I am loving. Again, I applied it messily and lazily (always my stee) and it’s a little wild around the mouth because I didn’t realize how pigmented it was — it squeezes from the tube essentially clear-seeming onto dark applicator bristles, then you brush it on. I think it kind of adapts to your lip color, like enhances the one you have and just makes it … pink-er! Pinkier?! Yeah, those aren’t words. As for the plumping, I guess my mouth does look rather, uh, voluptuous…” (Read the whole thing here)

Yes, obviously I love any kind of pink beauty product (especially when the pink is personalized), but you have to admit that description is sort of great. And plumping, too? Sign me up. So I went over to Duane Reade and, after dropping $10 (which is a lot for a drugstore lip gloss, but ok), I slathered some on. And it definitely stung. And it definitely turned my lips a lovely shade of natural-ish pink—one without too many sparkles. Sold. I didn’t really notice a plumping, maybe a teeny bit, but I could have been fishing for it. After a few uses, though, the tingling was gone. Does that mean I got used to the plumping ingredient? Or did it become ineffective? Who knows. Whatever the case, it’s not the best lip plumper around, but the color is really great and shiny and you can swipe it on as you’re heading into a bar without needing a mirror. Not bad, Sally, not bad.


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