Canada Beaut-aye

Hot off the presses: Glow Magazine

On a recent jaunt to Canada (yes, I am quite the world traveler), I familiarized myself with the country’s most important media outlet: the beauty/fashion magazines. When in Canada, I suppose. In case you are planning a trip to Canada, here is what you NEED to read while you’re away.

I’m loving Canada’s Glow Magazine, their leading beauty and health title. Dare I say I enjoyed reading more than Allure? I love you Allure, but if I read another article about anti-aging, wrinkles, retinoids, botox (STOP!), I may lose it. I’d say the book is roughly 60% beauty and 40% health and fitness. Allure met Shape, moved to Canada and started a magazine. Lots of quick tips (women love tips, guilty), workout regimens (glossed over this), and reader reviews (every issue!). Here’s a Glow tip I’d like to share, though not rocket science, explaining how to tone down an all-too-sunburned face: “After moisturizing with an ultra-hydrating cream, dust on a pale yellow powder to counteract redness and finish off with a non-shimmery bronzer.” Done.

Also worth mentioning: Elle Canada (no need to say more); Flare, Canada’s answer to Lucky Magazine; and LouLou, similar to People Stylewatch. Collectively known as J’s souvenir.

In between reading these mags, check out Tim Horton’s. There are some in NY but get overshadowed by Dunkin Donuts. I’d recommend the maple donut because you’re in Canada and it’s delicious. Oh, and get the large coffee. Anything smaller than large there is child’s play.

Have a great 4th of July! I’ll be away collecting beauty tips from THE beauty veterans. Will share when I’m back!


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