Oh hello, Halle.

There are many things about summer I cannot stand. The heat, for starters, and the humidity, and the tons of tourists that meander down Broadway when you’re trying to just get to the subway and go home. And I miss wearing boots, because, let’s face it, sandals are never as comfortable, and never look quite as good. Sorry if you thought so. But aside from all this, I do enjoy certain aspects of the warmer months, including impromptu trips to Jersey, cutoff denim shorts (on girls– only), nicely tattooed arms on display (really you should have seen AC last weekend), and the smell of sunblock, a smell I like so much that sometimes I don’t even want to mix it with perfume. But lately that has changed.

You see, for the past couple years, every time I came across Halle by Halle Berry in my local drugstore cosmetics aisle, I had to spritz myself with it. It was warm and slightly amber-y/musky, much like the other members of my perfume collection, but a bit less sweet that Kat Von D’s Sinner, lighter than my Gucci by Gucci, and less floral than Bond No. 9’s Chinatown. Clearly, as you can see, this meant there was a glaring hole in my collection not met by these other fragrances–and yet, I didn’t buy Halle. Too many perfumes already! I told myself. (Notice how the fact that it was a celebrity fragrance didn’t deter me. If it smells good, why the f not).

But this past weekend, during a trip to Kohl’s, which the by the way has a pretty good makeup/fragrance section, I spotted Halle. There she was. Looking at me. I sprayed my arm, which was already covered in sunblock, and couldn’t stop sniffing it. The combo was great. And so I caved. $28 later, I am now the proud owner of yet another bottle of perfume, nay one that smells a lot more expensive than it is. Sure, it’s not exactly long-lasting, but for that price, I can keep re-spritzing. Is that a word?


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