Scene of the birthday bash: Venelle Salon and Spa

Happy Birthday to me! Ok, it was a week ago, but when I was little, I considered the whole month of June my birthday. Doesn’t make sense why that stopped, it was pretty nice. But anyways, as I am now 27, I have faced the realization that I get one day (or possibly a weekend) to celebrate my birthday. So it should be fabulous. This year, I’d be lying if I said I welcomed 27 warmly. If I could have hid under my bed, I probably would have. But there are way too many shoe boxes under there to even attempt it. Acknowledging what I love best – pampering myself – I decided to forgo the big bday bash I usually have (even though that ended up happening, too) and opt for something a little more tame and leisurely.

Five friends and I decided to have spa day the weekend of my bday to mark the special occasion. It was also good friend (and avid BD supporter) L’s birthday as well, making it a double birthday event. Knowing we wanted to spend the day in Brooklyn (because who wouldn’t), find a place that could accommodate everyone, from facials to massages to mani/pedis, and wouldn’t break the bank, our search was limited. Venelle Salon and Spa in Park Slope won in all the aforementioned areas. They were really helpful when making the appointments and answered any questions I had, nicely. I booked the 30-minute Swedish Massage and Hungarian Organic Facial. The massage was great. I felt so relaxed and my masseuse, V, really knew how to work my aching 27 year old back. At one point, I felt V practically on my back, and I have to give her credit for that much effort. And she said the best thing someone in a salon could say: “Let’s not talk, this is supposed to be relaxing.” Done. Unfortunately, by Monday, my relaxed attitude was long gone. Thanks, day job.

The organic facial was different than other facials I had elsewhere. I told V no extractions because I was doing brunch all day after, and thus didn’t want scabs on my face. The facial pretty much turned into a face massage with different lotions and creams. I heard anti-wrinkle treatment, so I was happy. They use Eminence Products that are all-organic, so they don’t cause adverse reactions or breakouts. My skin felt firm after using, so of course I loved. The line is pretty pricey-$85 for an under eye cream-though I was told only a drop is needed. Even so, I’ll stick to Vaseline. My skin felt so soft and refreshed post-facial.

I’d def recommend Venelle, especially for people with a big group. And did I mention they also have chandeliers and a complimentary snack table? Book, now.


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