Must-Read of the Week

I remember sitting with a friend in college, telling him why I wanted to go into beauty (as opposed to fashion), and explained that makeup never made anyone feel fat. It’s true, right? That being said, I just wanted to make sure everyone had seen this Into the Gloss post (yes, I know I salivate over this blog, deal with it), by Lucky mag Beauty Director Jean Godfrey-June. I have been such a fan of hers forever, and everything she says in this essay-ish post about why she loves being a beauty writer/editor is so inspirational and I couldn’t agree with the sentiment more:

“It’s a way that people connect. Like if you’re in the gym and some girl is putting on mascara, some other girl is like, ‘What is that mascara? Oh my God, it’s so good!’ People are very generous with each other about beauty. It’s a way people recognize humanity in each other, in a weird way. I mean, people can look at beauty and they’ll be like ‘Ah, beauty is the reason everyone is tortured and miserable in our society,’ but at the same time it’s a way people connect in every culture. It’s an easy thing to write about for that reason. You know? It’s always relevant. Everybody always cares! They want to look prettier—everybody does!”

Preach it, Jean! Anyway, read the post, it’s pretty great.


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