Don’t Sweat It

Ah yes, the inside of my desk. (Also, how good are TLC bars?)

For better or worse, I am going to share my tale of almost-embarrassment, as it might be the only way to pay proper respects to the product that saved the day (or, ok, night). Picture it: 1am(ish), a balmy Saturday night in June. I’d been in Central Park all day, and then out for most the evening with O, a good friend of BD, and had not had a chance to go home or shower in between. Hot, I know. Also, I had been dancing up a storm with a very muscled man (I suppose my new type, thank you, thank you) when I realized: oh wait, I am gross and sweaty. So before it could turn into a “Sure/Unsure” scenario, I remembered I had thrown a travel-sized tube of Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist Deodorant in my bag. So, being slightly creepy, I snuck over to our table for a quick minute and swiped some on. Voila. Sweatiness gone and I was fresh as a daisy.

So the moral of the story is: good news, everyone. I found a magical new product, though I have to give special thanks to one of my favorite beauty blogs, Into the Gloss, which recommended it ever-so-convincingly. The deodorant/anti-perspirant, at $18 a pop, it’s not exactly Lady Speed Stick-cheap, but trust me when I say that I am someone who has tried basically everything out there, including the clinical-strength deodorants on the market, and still have somehow managed to sweat it off. But then! Then, I tried this a couple weeks ago and not only does it keep me dry for hours (even in gross subway-in-the-summer heat), but it also smells faintly powdery and delicate, and doesn’t counteract any fragrances I might be wearing. My mom actually wears Cashmere Mist perfume, which I like, and this is a milder version of that, and not at all deodorant-y (also, I should note I only wear fragrance-free deodorant, as I HATE any smells mixing with perfume). But anyway, go get it. You may need to reapply if you are going out at night, but that is my only complaint, and it’s not really a complaint at all. I actually bought two travel size bottles (at $10 each), and keep one in my desk at work for post-office outings (see photo). Highly recommended tactic. And a new must-have. Weeee.


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