In the Line of Fire

Make Up For Ever’s crayon box

I must second J’s apology for not writing all that often lately. We were caught up in the whirlwind of traveling, vacation-drinking and awkward-people-watching. Guilty. But, we’re back and ready to share all the beauty tips/gems we’ve discovered over the past few weeks.

Prior to vacation, the generous folks at Make Up For Ever reached out to THE beauty influencers (us) offering up goodies from their new waterproof liquid liner collection, Aqua Liner. This was also a featured product at the NYC Makeup Show (review to follow). MUFE, best known for long-lasting products, promised these liners would be no different. Test on. The collection spreads the gamut, wherever your preference on the color wheel lies. I chose classic black (my mini ode to Gwen Stefani’s fabulousness) and diamond purple to wear with my leopard caftan in Miami, obviously. J requested diamond white, not to be confused with the late great Liz Taylor’s White Diamond, which we love.

MUFE is not lying when it says waterproof. If you’re looking for a liner to wear to the beach (why, I don’t know) or to the office during those gross summer months, this is the one for you. Though, if you’re like me and liquid liner isn’t your forte, you may want to use something a little more forgiving that could easily be cleaned up with a Q-tip and water. (Hint: Prestige liquid liners) I had to struggle with Aqua Liners which kept pulling my lids – doesn’t help my battle against crows feet. I’m going to be 27 soon– ease up, liner.

Also, I was underwhelmed with the purple. After applying multiple layers, the color was very subtle. It’s liquid liner. There is no room for subtle. J, on the other hand, used the white liner in Miami and loved. It was just enough color to highlight the lower lash line.

In the end, MUFE Aqua Liners did not pass the BD test. Though, I will say their kohl pencils blow these liners out of the water (no pun intended, seriously, I’m not a fan of puns.) For liquid, I think I’ll stick with Prestige until given a reason not to. You hear that makeup companies? The challenge is on the table.


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