Organized by product? Kudos to you, Ulta.

Please excuse the Brooklyn Dolls for not having written in awhile…we were in full-on vacation mode, starting with the Makeup Show in NYC (more on that soon), which led into a margarita-filled week in Miami and Disney World. It was marvelous. We met Teresa from BD-favorite Real Housewives of New Jersey, we read lots of magazines, we ordered room service more than we probably should have, and, perhaps most exciting of all, we finally found an Ulta on Lincoln Road in South Beach. Now, C and I have been wanting to check out Ulta forever, lamenting that the closest location of this makeup superstore was in Long Island. But then, wandering around– there it was. We slipped inside and were quite giddy (also, this might have just been because we were inside at all, as it was a lovely 95 degrees in the shade). But, back to Ulta.

Ulta is like Sephora meets CVS: the high-end brands in the front, the drugstore brands in the back–and a salon upstairs. It’s really beauty heaven. I really liked how everything was arranged by product, not brand. You need mascara? Well here’s everything from Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel, NYX, all lined up next to each other for easy comparison shopping. Same for lipsticks, foundations, bronzers. And prices were standard, with some steals (the week we were there, it was buy one get one 50% off on Ulta’s house brand). C and I spent a good 30 minutes wandering around, testing products, and we both bought “souvenirs.” 

I got a brown Prestige kohl liner I’ve been wanting, while C picked up a charcoal/gold NYX shadow that she then decided she didn’t like and passed along to me (thanks!). And while the higher-end brands could have been a bit larger in selection, I don’t know if it was just this location, and anyway I still must say I was impressed and would definitely appreciate an Ulta in Brooklyn. Do you hear that, Ulta executives? Also everything was super clean and organized, which I also have to say I noticed in a Sephora we popped into on Collins Ave. Are people just not as gross with testing products in Miami? That might have been my favorite Sephora yet. Miami, being the land of beautiful people, definitely has the beauty stores to back it up. Well played, MIA.


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