All (Un) Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

Bedhead’s Best Friend

My hair is pretty good at looking dirty on its own, especially the top half of it, so when I first heard about Bumble and Bumble’s Bb. Texture Hair (Un) Dressing Creme, I was skeptical: why would you want your hair to look like second day hair? Sure, I hate the too-clean look as much as the next girl, especially when I’m trying to do a pompadour-ish up-do, but give me a half a day and my roots looks greasy regardless, no product needed. Still, Bumble and Bumble’s claims (and decent reviews to back said claims up) were convincing: tousled locks fast and easy, with some extra lift and no shiny finish. So I took the plunge, because I do love a good bedhead, why not.

First, for 26 bucks, I do have to say I appreciate the tube design- a cap that with one twist lets you dispense as much or little of the product as you want. I put a nickel-sized amount in damp hair and was on my way. I have to say some strands–I guess the ones where I didn’t distribute evenly enough– were stiff and a bit crunchy, but overall, the product did dirty up my hair and held light waves in place. The bigger problem happened when I used even a tiniest bit too much of the cream or if the product got too close to my roots- then my hair just looked super dirty and grimey. More homeless woman on the C train than Mary-Kate Olsen. So I definitely would recommend using sparingly if you have grease-prone tresses comme moi. Dime-sized is the way to go.


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