Lip Potion No. 9

So sheer! So pink!

Despite my love for pink lipstick, I can honestly say I have never really fully finished an entire tube, to the point where I find myself scraping the bottom of it. But that is precisely what happened with my Dior Addict Lip Glow. It was easy to put on without a mirror (perfect for pre-date subway rides), moisturizing (perfect for the crap weather), and gave my lips the prettiest hint of a natural-looking pink tint (weeeee). And then the tube ran out. So in the last few weeks, as I was really trying to get the last bit possible out of it before smacking down $29 smackaroos for another one, I was also reading a lot about Dior Addict Lipstick, and suddenly, I found myself falling hard for it: first I was enamored by the Kate Moss ads, then I was seduced by the great reviews of the line, and finally I fell in love with the seemingly endless number of pretty pink shades offered. There I was in, in Sephora, trying on numerous and seemingly similar colors in the store until I felt dizzy and my hands were covered in pink streaks.

But at last, in my quest for the my-own-lipcolor-but-a-bit-pinker color, I settled upon Dior Cherie, a pinkish nude shade with the tiniest bit of shimmer. It was a tough decision, and I almost caved and just went for another tube of LipGlow instead, but I’m always down to try a new lipstick. And guess what? I am in love again. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. The color is super natural and nude, but still brightens up my face and, thanks to the shimmer, my lips look a bit fuller. The lipstick is also insanely smooth and light, like a gloss, and has no weird, lipstickey taste. My only complaint would be that it isn’t very long lasting, which just means I’ll be faced with having to buy yet another tube soon, and have to go crazy finding another pink to try (really, there are so many great ones, but I think I might want to try Singuliere, a brighter pink shade, next). But let’s be serious, I want them all. Dior, are you reading this? Please send supplies.


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