A Tale of Two Facials: Part II

One of the many Jurlique goods: Intense Recovery Mask

On my quest for perfect skin (ok, I’ll settle for non-13 year old skin), I have made a lasting relationship with the all-mighty skin brand, Jurlique. J & I have been singing their praises for months now. It all started in January with a facial I loved, using all-natural Jurlique products, then a Jurlique press event in which J & I left with very generous gifts from the skin gods, and finally our own Jurlique facials. Life is good. Skin is getting better.

The Jurlique facial was amazing. I’ve been lucky this year with facials and had really good ones. What’s the common link between both my facials? Jurlique, ding ding. The Jurlique aesthetician, Elizabeth, was great. She listened to my skin pleas and identified every product she used and explained why it was a good match for my skin. Usually I don’t like talking during facials, manicures, pedicures, movies, work, shopping, but Elizabeth’s skin knowledge was very appreciated. And she listened when I said no deep extractions. Thank you! I showed up to my facial with a few ready-to-pop pimples (sorry, tmi) and she banished them and somehow after, I didn’t look scabby and gross. This was largely due to the Herbal Recovery Gel which calms redness and helps heal the wound. Yes, wound. A facial is tough work.

Continuing with the Jurlique love fest, Jurlique was generous enough to send us the products they used during our facials. It’s Christmas in April! I was happy to see a big bottle of the Intense Recovery Mask. This product was first introduced to me by a Jurlique rep in response to my request for something that would make my skin look healthy and glowy. Her actual response was “you mean younger skin”, but out of that conversation came the Intense Recovery Mask, so I’ll let bygones be bygones. I use it once a week. Anything more and I fear over-drying. Unlike other masks I’ve used, all you need is a thin layer. Let it dry for 10-15 minutes and rinse off. It does what a mask should do: elicits gasps from those who see you with it on and leaves your skin soft and smooth. Best part: no breakouts!

So ladies, take our word for it and find your perfect Jurlique product. It’s out there. Trust us.


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