Highlights for Not-Kids


Yesterday C and I visited the Super Freak Weekend at Coney Island’s Sideshows by the Seashore as part of the Congress of Curious Peoples, a 10-day festival including “performances by some of the world’s most important natural-born freaks, individuals whose performance is their physicality itself.” Obviously we had to go because if there’s anything we love more than Coney Island, its curious peoples (see TLC’s “My Shocking Story). We saw the world’s tiniest balloon swallower and a bearded lady, and even bought tiny pieces of the Coney Island boardwalk from a bearded man. But another highlight of the day was, well, the highlighter C gave me that she had so generously received from the good people at Make Up For Ever. It’s called Uplight Face Luminizer Gel and promises to light up the face with a formula that is not only oil-free (which I appreciate), but is 70% water to ensure hydration.

The gel can either be applied alone or mixed with foundation, but I applied the Sparkling Blue Pink shade directly to my cheekbones over foundation and blush. The result? A very subtle glow and shimmer that enhanced the pink in my cheek color. I read some reviews on Sephora that recommended the “pearl” shades in the line, as they are more natural and the “sparkly” shades were too glittery. However, I found the Sparkling Blue Pink just right, especially a tiny bit for day just to enhance my cheekbones. Perhaps the other sparkly shades are a bit more glittery, but I really liked this one. The lightweight formula glides on super easily and smells slightly floral. I’d compare it to C’s fave highlighter, Benefit’s High Beam, but being that it comes in eight shades, you have some more options for playing around with effects. So there you go. Don’t be afraid of highlighters, ladies! Your cheekbones will thank you.


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