A Match Made in (Almost) Heaven

Helpful shade-finder thingy

I fear this blog is becoming a L’Oreal product review site, but in any case, a few weeks ago I was flipping through a magazine (don’t ask me which one) and saw a little present for me. And I like presents. It was a L’Oreal True Match makeup color-finder: a clear sheet with small, sheer squares of each of the line’s colors on it. It instructed me to hold the sheet over my inner wrist and whichever color disappeared would be my True Match shade. Low-tech, yes, but also easy enough.(Note: you can also try to use the online color-finder here). I always thought of myself as a “cool” tone, but according to the strip, I was N1, Soft Ivory- neutral and the palest one at that. So I’m basically albino. I guess that’s good to know. I actually once bought a True Match liquid foundation and bought C1, in Natural Ivory. And it wasn’t perfect. But, ok, apparently I was wrong. And I did need a new powder since my beloved (and expensive) DiorSkin Forever Compact was running out, so I picked up L’Oreal True Match Powder in N1.

Let’s see, my little color-finder, how good you are. I put it on and, well, the powder was REALLY light, almost white. The tone was right, but I think maybe one shade darker would have been a more exact fit. My inner wrist deceived me! That being said, the super-smooth powder is also super blendable, so with a little swooshing around of the applicator on my skin, it disappeared pretty flawlessly. The coverage is decent and I also find myself using it to dab lightly on my face to combat oil, not just as a cover-up powder. It also doesn’t do the weird flaking on my skin is dry spots, which I appreciate. So all in all, if you’re looking for a drugstore brand powder, I’d recommend L’Oreal True Match. Done.


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