True Colors

Hi-Gloss Queen

Over the past few months I’ve changed my hair quite a bit: choppy layers in October (mehh), V. Beckham signature cut in January (love), and the latest, chin-length bob dyed black (love even more). I know spring is coming and most people go lighter and softer, but that just doesn’t really work for me. So when I visited my aunt a few weeks ago, who happens to be a hairdresser/awesome colorist, I asked for darker tresses. Only Aunt Diana is allowed to color my hair, after the self-inflicted color incident of 2005. Haircut, coffee breaks, and family gossip later, my hair was black. I was impressed by how shiny my ‘do looked, which my aunt attributes to her use of Italian-imported products only. I’ve dyed my hair before using Rite Aid imported products and never had quite the same result.

My goal was to find a product that would keep my hair looking as shiny as it did the day I had it colored. I set realistic goals, people. Some people train for marathons, I do not. Shiny hair not being my forte, I went to Duane Reade bright-eyed and eager to find such a product. What would it be: Frederic Fekkai, Matrix, Pantene, L’Oreal? I decided to go with my gut and my Duane Reade rewards card, both pointing me in the direction of L’Oreal Color Vive Hi-Gloss Shampoo for Dry or Color-Treated Hair. BD loves L’Oreal and has found huge success with their Vive products in the past.

Hi-Gloss really has done everything I can ask for; my color is as bold as when first dyed, and even better, my hair feels soft and not over-worked, which is always my biggest fear after a color session. That, and hair loss. Did I mention color incident of 2005? Go get. Hurry.


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