All That Glitters is Gold

Blinded by the gold

Now and again, Brooklyn Dolls will ask a loyal reader to share her/his beauty tips and any finds we think worth our (and your) time. So it was no shock that when long-time BD supporter D flaunted her gold sparkly nails, we had to find out how she did it!

Two weekends ago I gave in to my impulsive shopping habits and bought a box of Sally Hansen Salon Effects – Real Nail Polish Strips while on my weekly venture to CVS. I immediately flocked to the gold glitter set like a moth to a flame, though the selection thankfully also includes leopard print and glitter. Sally has everyone’s taste range covered, clearly. For under $10 a set, this stuff is a quicker, more wallet-friendly alternative to the Minx phenomena C previously discussed.

The application process takes about half an hour (I would guesstimate, as I was also DVRing through the latest Real Housewives episode while applying). These decals provide a simpler way to get your glitter polish fix, since you don’t have to stress about clumpy nail polish and smudges, and ugh, polish is tough. You instantly get a smooth nail surface without the dry time. Leaves you with more free time to do whatever it is you love – perhaps to watch an episode of Real Housewives, oh wait. Salon Effects lasts more than a week before chipping– better than real polish, I’d say. Plus, it maintains its fabulosity in extreme weather conditions. Not that I’ve picked up a shovel recently, but walking to the train in snow is a strenuous job.

User-friendly tips: Save your thumbs for last. Applying the stickies is kind of like using cookie cutters on dough. Since the decals are pre-cut, chances are only a few will actually be the size of the nail they are supposed to be. Choose ones that are slightly bigger than your nail to ensure you cover the entire surface. It’s easier to shape big decals than piece together small ones and run the risk of looking like a mess and sentenced to a life of gloves. I used my thumbs to cut around the excess material. To remove the decals, simply use nail polish remover as you would with any other polish. Due to its sticky nature, the stickers are slightly more difficult to remove than regular polish. Use a decent amount of nail polish remover and don’t be modest, swipe firmly outwards and you’ll be good.

Done and done. Can’t go wrong with Sally. Except for when The Sally Jesse Raphael Show went off-air, but thankfully we still have Wendy Williams.

2 thoughts on “All That Glitters is Gold

  1. I've used it twice. First a bold black and white checkboard and now a gold cheetah print. Love it! It really does last and is easy to put on. I get compliments everywhere I go. Fierccccee!


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