A Tale of Two Facials: Part I

My new dream team

Loyal readers of this blog will recall that I have unfortunate skin which includes (but is not limited to): blemishes, fine lines, dry patches, and to top it off, sensitivity. So you can see why facials make me hesitant- there’s always the chance of a skin freak-out from a new product, and also I’ve had a bad experience (at a spa that won’t be named), but let’s just say I walked out with scabs on my face. After that, I never understood when people raved about “relaxing” facials. I’d remember the painful extractions and lingering red spots, and convince myself there was no way someone with my skin could enjoy one. But when Jurlique offered C and I facials at their shop in midtown, I couldn’t say no. We are both big fans of the brand (you’ll remember my love of their Calendula Cream), and the sales associate promised that my sensitive skin wouldn’t be an issue. So sure, I figured, I’ll give it another whirl. And if it was bad, I’d never have to go again.

So last weekend, C and I went in and I was super nervous. After filling out a very thorough form that asked us what our concerns were (uh, where do I start), what products we used (too many to remember), and what we wanted out of the facial (a glow?), I was still on-edge as I walked into the treatment room. But my nerves were alleviated as I soon as I spoke to the esthetician, Elizabeth, who was super warm and professional. She patiently listened when I said I didn’t want crazy extractions and that I was allergic to many products. During the treatment, she explained what she applying and why. She also assured me that Jurlique products, which are all all-natural, are specially formulated for sensitive skin, but that she would use the most mild and soothing ones during my facial. And she did.

I was exfoliated with the line’s Daily Exfoliating Cream, massaged (including a dreamy neck and arm rub), moisturized with a Moisture Replenishing Mask, soothed with Calendula Lotion, and, lastly, sprayed with some calming Chamomile Soothing Mist. Some other things, too, that I can’t remember. And though I was nervous my skin would have a reaction to herbs or flowers in the products, it was all smooth-sailing. So much for my usual skepticism with “organic” products. The extractions barely hurt and I was pleasantly surprised when I walked out and looked in the mirror: no scabs! I was pinkish for a couple hours, but when I woke up the next day, my skin looked the best it has in awhile: dewy and with less red spots. And a couple days later: even better. Seriously. A lot less blemishes. Who knows how long it will last, but I’m excited to use some more of these products and also to book my next facial at Jurlique with Elizabeth. Go (just try not to take the appoinment time I want- thanks).

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