Oiled Up

I recently arrived back stateside from a weeklong jaunt to Italy where I had a fabulous time but my did not. What with rainy weather, various bus and train rides, not washing as frequently, and not having my usual array of products at hand, my hair became a sea of knots in the back–one that by day 8 consisted of tiny dreads that no amount of travel-sized conditioner could help.

Upon arriving home (I know, I was sad, too), I went to get a very necessary manicure and popped by Rite-Aid, which is having a great buy-one, get-one sale on a number of beauty products this week. I’ve been reading a lot about the whole Moroccan oil trend for hair, so I decided to pick up a bottle of Organix Renewing Morocaan Hair Oil Shampoo, as it came with a free conditioner. $8 for two products. Ok. It promised to restore strength to my hair as well as increase shine and softness–things my travel-tainted hair needed. And it smelled pretty divine in the bottle. And while I’m always hesistant about purchasing any product that has “oil” in the title, as my hair can get greasy easily, the pretty sweet deal was hard to turn down. And so the purchase was made.

So Sunday night I used both the shampoo and conditioner (and let me just state here that neither lather very well, if you’re into shampoos that lather a lot, keep moving). I needed to add a bit Head and Shoulders Smooth & Silky conditioner (seriously it might be the best out there), but once my hair dried, it definitely was silkier than normal and smelled lightly floral. In the morning, I have to say it was also a bit flatter than usual, despite adding some dry shampoo, but it looked really soft, so I have to say Organix didn’t lie. My one complaint, aside from the flatness, would be that-as expected- it did look greasier than normal by mid-day. So perhaps this shampoo is a better fit for people with hair that isn’t grease-prone . But regardless, I will keep using it, though probably by alternating it with a different shampoo every other day or something.


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