St. Patty’s Day Beauty

Hint of POP
Happy St. Patrick’s Day Brooklyn Dolls Readers!!!

What are you doing to get in the spirit? Perhaps skipping work and making your way down to 5th Ave to view the parade? Or maybe you’re eating a green bagel telling yourself you have to eat this bagel, it’s St. Patrick’s Day and it’s green (as I did). Whatever you decide to do or don’t, here’s some simple ways to show your pride.

For a hint of green (I’m not talking to the lady wearing a green track suit on the subway this morning – there’s no point) try POPbeauty nail color in Grass. It’s a bright fluorescent green, so you definitely will stand out. For a more subtle green, go for Essie’s Mint Candy Apple.

But if your nails are already painted the perfect shade of red and you wouldn’t dare change, play with your eyeshadow. We don’t want to look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show, so just a touch of green will do the trick. Why not try CoverGirl’s Queen Collection Eyeshadow in Blue Notes. If I were to apply, I’d place the medium blue shade all over the lid and the pale green color just in the inside corner of the top lid and dust along the lower lashline. Voila! The perfect touch of green.

Have fun today! If you plan on getting wasted, try these makeup tricks first.

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