Ageless Schmageless

The acne culprit

Ever feel like your skin is trying to tell you something? Acne is your body’s way of saying you’re stressed and should probably quit your job. Wrinkles usually mean you’re overworked and should probably quit your job. But what about wrinkles and breakouts together? You should probably just retire. And by you, I mean me. Because let’s face it: a) I love the retirement villages Florida has to offer b) I am fully aware of all the TV I’m missing in the afternoon c) I fall victim to the occasional acne and fine lines.

But what’s a gal to do to diminish the lines and not think twice about acne (if retirement isn’t an option, yet)?
Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question in this post. I was hoping Neutrogena’s Ageless Intensive Tone Correcting Moisturizer would be the answer. But no. My thought process went something like this: “Hmmm, Neutrogena makes the best skincare products. If this product (tone correcting moisturizer) says it evens skin tone and reduces spots, then I bet I don’t have to worry about breaking out, my existing acne marks will fade and my skin will just look healthier. Ooh, retinol. I could really use a Twix right now.” Well, logic failed me. Except for the Twix. That was smart.

After two weeks of use, my skin looked the same level of “brightness” as it did prior to use. Skin tone was not any more even. And, I broke out like crazy. I am 100% attributing the breakout to this thick moisturizer as nothing else in my regimen changed. Though, I will say my mom has been using Neutrogena’s Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Anti-Serum and loves. She swears she notices a difference around her eyes and her skin feels softer. The thickness of the formula had no negative effect on her (as it did me). But to be fair, my mom is probably Neutrogena’s target for Ageless Intensives, and not the acne/wrinkle paradox I’m living in. So if you’re age50+, give it a whirl. If you’re only 50 at heart, don’t bother. It might do more harm than good.

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