Nailed It

America’s Next Top Hand Model: didn’t feel like taking my shoes off for the pic

Every high-heel-wearing, commute-to-work-hating woman knows the importance of a good pedicure. For me personally, it’s not so much about the pretty color on my toes, I can do that myself. But rather, the foot massage. I can flip through a magazine, read Kourtney Kardashian’s blog and study Rite Aid’s weekly circular all while having my feet pampered.

This winter was pretty tough – snow boots at least once a week, climbing mountains of snow, swimming through slush. It was more of a workout than I signed up for. Desperately in need of a pedicure, this past Sunday I walked over to Kings Highway and West 7th street in Gravesend, Brooklyn to Unique Design Nail. This place is one of my favorites for several reasons. One: manicure and pedicure is $17 – any day, any time. Two: they sterilize their instruments! Three: the decorations look like the owners went on a shopping spree in a 99 cent store. Hanging from the ceiling are mini disco balls (!), paper hearts, lights, plastic vines. Silver streamer curtains conceal the windows. Don’t get me wrong, they do keep it classy for those of you who care – the waxing room has a mini waterfall and Buddha. Maybe, the waterfall is coming from the Buddha. Not sure. Four: Unique does temporary tattoos. Not that I’d try it, but it’s important to note their versatility. Five: they have the complete lines of Essie and OPI nail color.

Like I said, the mani/pedi $17 combo is a steal. You really can’t beat that, so why try. I treated myself to both. The foot massage was amazing, calluses are gone (tmi, sorry). Because I’m one of those neurotic people who must match, I chose OPI’s That’s Berry Daring for both my feet and hands. It’s a deep shade of pink (see above). I highly recommend Unique. I also trust them to wax my eyebrows ($5) and have no complaints – which is not like me. Next time you’re in Gravesend, or on your way to Coney Island, check it out.

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