New Beauty Hotspot: Inglot Cosmetics

“Play with meeeee”

Inglot Cosmetics opened its second location in NYC a couple weeks ago and it is a dream come true. Imagine you really liked candy corn and you walked into a room where candy corn was just lined up everywhere: stacks all over tables, plates covered with them, candy corn chandeliers. You get the idea. Well that’s how Inglot feels to a makeup lover.

Nails for days
Located on the 5th floor of the Chelsea Market, Inglot is not only a place for ladies to come get their makeup done by the pros, but there’s also an entire side of the airy space that has what seems like every color imaginable of every beauty product imaginable lying out, asking to be played with. Unlike Sephora, though, everything is organized and clean and you’ll peacefully mesmerized by all the colors. Weeee. The nail polish wall alone is a work of art (the pic above is just a tiny sliver of it).

Taste the rainbow

I am also huge, huge fan of their artist palettes, which can have shadows, glosses, concealers, brow bases, anything, popped magnetically into the perfect travel case. So sleek and practical. To top it off, everything is super-affordable: ten shadows cost just $50, and they’re great: really soft and blendable. The hardest part will be deciding on the colors you want and then tearing yourself away from what is essentially a playground for beauty lovers. Good luck with that.


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