The Real Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy cometh

I’m going to use this space to discuss a not-so-glamourous beauty product that some of you may not even consider a “proper” beauty product: toothpaste. Yes, that’s right. Everyone (I hope) uses it, some don’t think twice about it. I’ll admit, I used to just buy anything that said anti-cavity and also maybe threw in some promises about whitening. Seems pretty all-encompassing. Ok. But as someone who drinks tea and coffee every day, I’ll admit my pearly whites got well, not so white. And when I smile, you can really see all my teeth, so it’s not like no one would ever notice. I’ve done the Crest White Strips thing, which made my teeth super sensitive, but whitened them–if only for a few weeks. And then I’d be lazy about getting them again, or just not in the mood to wear gooey strips.

Anyway, my mom recently recommended Colgate’s Pro Clinical Daily Whitening toothpaste, saying it really worked. Ok, why not. And after one use, I could see a difference (or, maybe the placebo effect kicked in…either one). Regardless, after a couple weeks of using it twice a day, I have to say I really can notice a difference, especially after I brush–my teeth are definitely brighter. Seeing as how I won’t stop drinking tea and coffee, nor will I do an intensive whitening treatment as I have the most sensitive teeth ever, this will have to do for now. And I’m happy with that. I even convinced C to get her own tube of it on our jaunt to DC. She–and you–will thank me. And it’s $5. Done.


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