One Failed Sweep

One Sweep lying amidst my fave products: not for long

This past Presidents’ Day weekend, J and I performed our patriotic duty and paid homage to our nation’s capital. We take our national holidays seriously. Just wait and see what we have in store for Flag Day. I’ll give you a hint: sequin visors. As we do in preparation for all our trips, we stocked up on celeb weeklies and our fave monthlies. You know the list: Us Weekly, Allure, Glamour, Cosmo. Hold your distaste for Cosmo – the mag has good tips and a decent beauty section.

As I flipped through one of the mags, I want to say Glamour but I may be wrong, I noticed an ad for L’Oreal’s One Sweep Eyeshadow. It’s a simple concept – with one sweep of an eyeshadow applicator, your shadow is on. It claims to define, color and highlight your eyes in one step, and with three shades. 7am C would appreciate such a time-saving product.

So after J and I were done with a photo op inside the White House, (it’s true, check out Facebook), we made a stop in CVS. We came for Chex Mix and left with Chex Mix (because we were determined) and a slew of beauty products, one being L’Oreal’s One Sweep shadow. I bought the palette for natural brown eyes because, well, I have brown eyes. I’ll cut to the chase. I tried it out in the hotel, hopeful it would work. The only thing this product does easily is slide onto the applicator. Getting shadow from applicator to eye, not so easy. Unless you press down very hard, the color is barely noticeable on your lids. And the contour color wasn’t contouring, but rather highlighting, and oh boy, what a mess. Eventually I gave up and used my finger to apply. The colors were nice, but so is Wet N’ Wild Mega Eyes for half the price.

This reminds me of L’Oreal’s other attempt at an easy-to-apply product- True Match Roller foundation. The roller brush was terrible, the foundation itself wasn’t so bad. L’Oreal I beg you, stop trying to save consumers time. We’re going broke.

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