Cut It Like Beckham

The new ‘do

This past weekend I decided to trade in my signature poofy up do (ok, it’s just a bun) for someone else’s signature look: the one and only Victoria Beckham circa 2008. I was obsessed with this cut when it took America by storm, as any V. Beckham fan would be. I sometimes kid myself and say I’m going to chop my hair and dye it blonde (like V. Beckham after she got bored with this cut), but I never do. That is, until this weekend. Ok, I didn’t go pixie or platinum, but I did go classic Beckham.

Anyone who has felt the need for an impromptu haircut knows they must go as soon as that feeling strikes or it might fizzle out. And in times like these, I’m happy to report there are some neighborhood beauty parlors that don’t require an appointment but rather encourage those adventurous walk-in customers. Bensonhurst is home to quite a few of these places. The one that I’ve been visiting since grammar school is called First Hair & Beauty Salon on 86th St and 25th Ave. Not quite sure what “First Hair” means, and I’m sure the owners don’t either. It’s a Chinese salon, so if beauticians who speak very little English scare you, this may not be your place.

Once you walk in it’s non-stop pampering. The girls who wash your hair must be trained in head massages because they give you the best massages you could hope for at a beauty parlor. Though, if you’re in a rush and want to get a cut and get out, the massage/15 minute hair wash might drive you nuts. Anyway, there are about 10 workstations, so typically the place moves very fast. Just keep in mind, if you dare to go on a weekend or a holiday the wait could be pretty tough. But usually the hairdressers keep you entertained by singing along to Chinese dance music or remixes of Madonna’s Ray of Light.

Haircuts start at $12 and go up in price depending on your hair thickness, length, style etc. So basically, you never know how much they will charge. For $18, Andy, my stylist, gave me the cut I’ve been tempted to try. I told him I wanted to go short and he said he knew what would look good. Twenty minutes later my hair was shorter in the back, longer in the front aka the reverse mullet, or even better yet, the Beckham. I will probably never get my hair to look as sleek as Andy did on that fine Saturday (being he used two hot blowers and a flat iron), but a girl can try. Check it out. Go. Now.

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