Skin Saver

New friend!

I don’t want to jinx myself, so I’m almost wary of writing this product up. But, as a commited beauty blogger, I realize I am obligated to share this with my readers. People, I think I’ve found my perfect moisturizer. As I mentioned before, I don’t want to speak too soon, as I’ve only been using this product for 4 days or so, but a lot of the redness on my face has cleared and my skin feels super soft and less dry. What is this dream-like product I speak of, you ask? Well, none other than Jurlique’s Calendula Cream, which you’ll probably recall from C’s earlier post on her Jurlique facial.
You see, we actually swung by an event last week for the brand’s new skin brightening line and C convinced me to pick up the Calendula Cream, saying her skin had been breaking out a lot less since she starting using it. I was skeptical, as I tend to be about “all natural” products, and also since nothing really calms my crazy skin (I’m looking at you, Aveeno Ultra-Calming moisturizer- I like you, but you’re not really life-changing, per se). Furthermore, my skin has been a hot mess recently, with all the crazy weather and work stress. My mom even told me last week I should probably take antibiotics for my skin again since it has been really red and blotchy. Thanks. But then on Sunday, she noted that my skin looked better. A rare skin compliment. A skintiment, if you will. And I hadn’t done anything differently, other than use Calendula Cream for a couple days. Seriously, people, unless this is a very strange coincidence, this cream is the real deal. Go get!
Oh, and thank you, C. You were right about this one. And thanks to Jurlique as well for making this. I will keep you posted, readers, about whether this product will keep working in the coming weeks. But I have a good feeling. Weeeee.


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