Fit Me-hh

Stay away: it doesn’t fit

Always one to try the latest and greatest in skin care, I was sitting on the edge of my seat for the Maybelline Fit Me foundation to hit shelves. I’d see the commercials, run to Duane Reade and nada. For days, this was my life. I happened to stumble upon this product last week at a Rite Aid before a night out in Bay Ridge. Big thanks is owed to J’s eagle eye. I was too busy in the school supplies section buying white out for my mom to notice.

Anyways, we took our time and tried to find our perfect colors. Afterall, that is their whole shtick – colors designed for you to fit flawlessly. Hmmm I don’t remember a Maybelline representative knocking on my door to develop a foundation color for moi. Maybelline tries to make the matching process easy by having testers of all the colors available. It was a little hard for J & I to use the testers as most were not available. My guess is someone is “testing” these little tubes in the comfort of their own home. I did open the regular size bottles and test on my wrists. I know. I hate when people do that, but desperate times, desperate measures. J & I decided the 125 nude beige is my color. She decided to hold off before purchasing (smart move we’d later find out). So out of Rite Aid we went.

Monday morning I did my true makeup test. I wore the product for the first time to work. If Fit Me could make me look decent after 10 hours of work aka sitting at a computer, back and forth on the subway, eye rubbing and possible tears, then this product actually does what it claims. And what do you know. Fit Me did not pass my test. The coverage is so sheer you would need about 3 coats to make it worthwhile. I found it to be on the greasy side, so I didn’t want to keep layering. The color was fine but not any better than other foundations I’ve tried. By 4pm I was missing my Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup and pretty much gave up on any hope I had of looking decent that day.

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