Spa-ahhh Time Continues

My next facial: the 24 karat gold facial

Seems like it’s Spa Time at Brooklyn Dolls. Both J and I’ve made recent trips to the spa, though in different boroughs. J’s experience does seem more glamorous, being pampered in a castle wearing, what sounds like, my Dora the Explorer Halloween costume. Sold. I definitely plan to make a summertime visit.

My experience with facials, on the other hand, has not been the greatest. The first, at age 16, left me leaving a local Bensonhurst nail salon scabby and bleeding. I guess I should have stopped with local B’hurst nail salon. My second, but more upscale, memory consists of being told to consider a chemical peel. Thanks, Bliss. Not a surprise, I was reluctant to try again. But third time is usually a charm, so they say, and I had a gift certificate to Park Slope’s Area Emporium and Spa. The Area empire also includes a yoga studio and a natural-fiber clothing store. So when in Brooklyn…

I decided to go on MLK day and make most of my free time. This place may not be a castle, but you receive the princess treatment. It’s very quaint; all the treatment rooms are discreetly placed in the back of the spa. Of course the products for purchase are out on display in the front. Area carries all natural products. What do you expect, it’s Park Slope. Upon meeting my facialist (?), she sat down with me for a good chunk of time, examined my skin and discussed my treatment. Then she asked me to remove my boots so she can soak my feet. Ughh, ok. Not a fan of people touching my feet, but I’ll play along.

I treated myself to the deep cleanse facial. You even get a mini neck massage. One hour for $95, comparatively speaking, is a bargain. The treatment room was very relaxing, despite the nature sounds that were playing in the background. The sound of birds chirping indoors sort of freaks me out. Anyway, my facialist told me every product she was using and its purpose, which I like – no surprises. I selected the Jurlique line over Dr. Hauschka and Weleda. I once received a sample of Jurlique’s Aromatic Hydrating Concentrate from Sephora and liked.

Every product felt amazing, especially coupled with a steam machine. I could just feel my pores becoming clean. The extractions were painless – no bleeding! She used Jurlique’s Arnica Lotion post-extractions to calm my skin and reduce the redness. I thought for sure I’d look in the mirror and see blotches. But that is not the case at Area Emporium and Spa. I even overlooked the fact that she pointed out a few chin hairs and proceeded to pluck them. Of course, as I was being escorted out, the Jurlique Calendula Cream was recommended to help restore moisture in my overly dry skin. On the bright side, I wasn’t told to consider a chemical peel, so I’ll take it.

Apparently, you’re also entitled to a complimentary yoga session with any treatment. I’d be lying if i said, had I know this, I would have taken them up on their offer. Maybe next time.

One thought on “Spa-ahhh Time Continues

  1. I just found your site through 15 minute beauty fanatic. I am a native New Yorker. I grew up right next to the Brooklyn bridge on the Manhattan side. I had that bridge, the Manhattan bridge and all of Brooklyn as my view growing up. I am completely obsessed with beauty myself and used to live at sephora on prince and 34th St. I am a CVS girl but you can get better deals on makeup at Walgreens. Unfortunately I have moved to Long Island which sucks because there is one friggin Sephora in Nassau County. Long Island is not a place for the beauty obsessed. Anyways, I love your blog. It's nice to find fellow New Yorkers in the blogging world. Come on over and check out my beauty blog Pretty in Pink Gloss. Ciao for now girls.


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