Spa-ahhh Castle

Not me. But yes, I did this.

This past Saturday, I had the great pleasure of hitting up Spa Castle in Queens, a place I had heard about numerous times and always wanted to check out. Well, Brooklyn Dolls friend G and I made the trek out to Flushing, hopping on the very efficient Spa Castle shuttle bus at the 7 train station and arriving at our destination about 20 minutes later.

Upon paying the $45 fee for the day pass, we were given a “watch” with an electronic code in that is used to open and close the lockers we were assigned to. The watch also is used throughout the facility to purchase spa treatments, food, and drinks, which are then paid for upon check-out. Brilliant. I love efficiency. What I didn’t love, however, was the “uniform” we were given in the locker room which consisted of a very unattractive orange top and pink shorts. And we were told no shoes allowed. Alteast the floors were (or so they looked) clean.

Next, we went upstairs to the spa to make a pedicure appt, but after finding out they were booked until 5 pm, we instead checked out the various sauna rooms available for use. Each was a different temperature and boasted a different purpose, but they pretty much all touted an ability to eliminate toxins, improve organs, and clear skin. Ok, why not. My personal favorite was the sauna which let users change the color of their seat for various effects (red for strength, blue for calming, you ge the idea), but there was also a really awesome gold-plated one whose purpose I forgot. Oh well. It was gold. Enough said.

Next, after feasting on french fries (so much for spa food), G and I hit up the various indoor pools, also heated and featuring jets that massaged us–save for one which came on so strong we were basically lifted out of the water. It happens. There was even a hot springs area outside, with the water steaming up all Iceland-like, but we were too scared to even open the doors to get out there. It looked cool, though, and I’m sure in the summer it must be awesome, especially as there is a bar on the pool level with frozen drink specialties. Weeee.

After hitting the saunas again (and may I say, my skin actually does look better and less dry after spending so much time in them), we decided it was time to go, as it was getting extremely crowded–and the check-in line looked endless. So, back on the Spa Castle shuttle and to the 7 train. I’d definitely go back and try out the spa treatments, and hit up the rooftop pool in the summer. $45 is a small price to pay for toxin elimination and a tan.


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