Zumba Fever

I don’t own this. Yet.

Because being beautiful (sometimes) involves working from the inside out, your faithful bloggers decided to attend a local Zumba class this past weekend in Bay Ridge at the interestingly named Exotic Curves Pole Fitness Studio. Now, C and I don’t really do the whole exercise thing. Typically, I feel bad for people who go to the gym every day. But when we saw the Zumba website and infomercials, we had to give it a try. It looked insane. And, how it was.

As suspected, it was sort of hilarious, with C of course being located next to the one male in the (overly) packed room. The class started off pretty tame, but by 30 minutes in, we were dripping with sweat and getting down to a mix of reggaeton, Shakira, and what I think was one bhangra song. Oh and some more standard latin music, which I know C got into. Despite the fact that there were definitely people in the room who knew the routines (and clearly wanted to make that fact known by standing in the front), I have to say that the instructor made the moves easy to follow and we ended up having a good time. While my back couldn’t turn in either direction the next day, I think C and I will definitely go back. And besides, the studio–which I should note also offers pole dancing classes– is super close to Century 21, where we rewarded ourselves by trying on furs after class. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is (and if you say “being in shape” is a motivation, you’ve got the wrong person).


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