Jersey Dolls

Move over Kimora: there’s a new queen of fabulosity on the block

Anyone who reads BD on the regular knows J & I have a deep love for the Real Housewives, particularly the “ladies” of New Jersey. We’re very intrigued by them: their collections of fur and jewelry, the castles they call home, and their ability to afford the aforementioned without ever having to work a day job. Fine, maybe I’m a tad bit jealous. (Bravo, call me!)

My favorite housewife, Teresa Giudice, still claims to be a lady but probably fights more than any other housewife in the history of the franchise. According to my Facebook updates (yes, I’m Teresa’s fan), she recently dipped her toes into the world of beauty. Don’t get me wrong, after Teresa and Juicy Joe (love) disclosed their financial issues, she could use the extra money. Someone needs to pay for her diamond rings and her daughters’ matching leopard outfits. BUT how could we really trust someone who still wears dark lip liner. I say, people, come on.

Teresa’s line of fashion, and now beauty, is called TG Fabulicious (clever). I’m not one to turn down leopard-print makeup, but a palette for $65 (from a NJ Housewife) is crazy. I didn’t realize Bobbi Brown was on the show, I must have missed that. The line only consists of a lipgloss for $22 and a palette: bronzer (obviously), blush, eyeshadow. Let’s hope the buck stops here. I don’t know if I would be able to walk into Sephora if they carry TG Fabulicious. Keep it in Jersey, honey.

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