Steal This Stila

So much pink! (Note: not intentional)
Ladies (and gents), it has been a crazy few weeks. Weeks that have involved many evenings of quickly changing from work clothes into something a bit more attractive, and redoing my hair and makeup in 5 minutes or less. Sometimes at my desk. Sometimes in the office ladies’ room. Pretty glamorous. And sometimes it really wasn’t worth the effort, let’s be honest. But, hey, sometimes it was! You know how it goes. But to avoid a tangent, I must say that in doing these mega-fast makeovers, I have come to rely on one little product, so generously gifted to me by a parting intern, L, which has really proved itself invaluable in this process: Stila Lip Glaze in Watermelon.
Ok, yes, it’s a little bit sticky, but the color is this perfect sheer, pale pink with just the right amount of shimmer that my lips look instantly fuller, almost like a lip plumper without the lip plumping side effects (like tingling). The color also lasts somewhat long, which is saying a lot for gloss. And it smells all sorts of Bonne Bell Lipsmackers-amazing. And the color is definitely still office-appropriate, but in the way that you could easily just add another layer on and be ready for a night on the town. Voila. Go get it. It’s sort of a staple. Done.

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