Beauty-ful Gifts

Gifts, for me!

Happy New Year, Brooklyn Dolls readers! Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted this season. My Christmas was filled with family, good friends and many pieces of cheesecake. Perhaps even more special than those heartfelt family moments were all the gifts I received. Yes, I said it. We all love gifts. I’m not going to list all my presents because that would sound shallow, which is very un-Brooklyn Dolls-like. But here are a couple of worthy gifts to help make this new year a little bit prettier!

My holiday gift exchanging started with my boyfriend, E. Correction: it actually started at work when I won a golf bag. But being I don’t golf and think staring at my TV (even in off-mode) is more enjoyable, I’ll start with E’s presents. E, a photographer himself, has great respect for BD’s love of makeup tutorials. After consulting makeup artists for recommendations, E introduced me to Francois Nars’ sbook, Makeup Your Mind. Francois Nars is the founder of the cosmetics line–you guessed it–NARS. NARS is most well known for the universally flattering coral-colored blush, Orgasm, which has become the gold standard in luxury cosmetics. So sure, I’ll let Francois give me some tips. The book’s setup is really great and easy. Each model is featured bare-faced and the adjacent right hand page shows the same face done-up. Between the before and after pages, there is a clear sheet outlining the colors used on the model and where. Simple, simple.

Another lovely gift I received was from BD’s very own J. As we’ve mentioned before, Kat Von D (KVD), tattoo artist turned makeup guru, is one of our beauty icons. She’s gloriously covered in tattoos, but still manages to look feminine and sexy. Let’s not hold that whole Sandra Bullock /Jesse James mishap against her. Every time I go into Sephora, I always tell J I want to buy one of her densely-pigmented shadows. J came to the rescue and gave me KVD’s beauty palette, Tattoo Chronicles Palette. True to KVD style, this beauty treasure looks like a hardcover novel with gold-tipped paper, including a few of her sketches and a dedication to her mom. The palette comes equipped with three sets of shadows: deep browns, shimmery pinks and electric blue/greens, with accompanying primers to keep the shadow in place and the color bright. Hidden under the makeup section are her signature scents, Sinner and Saint, depending on your mood that evening. Good thinking, KVD. Go get.


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