We Did It Again

Gift basket resting upon the fireplace

Thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday to celebrate the Brooklyn Dolls Holiday Party! This year might have been the best one yet. Yes, we say that after every BD holiday party, but really, this was pretty special. We stuffed our faces with candy and baked goods. Ok, no change there. BUT one lucky winner left with a beauty basket filled with some of the best products out there. Sorry Oprah, not even you could have pulled this off. Well, maybe you could. But you didn’t, so there.

A big congratulations goes out to our beauty basket winner, Ivey. Hundreds came in hopes of winning this basket and Ivey emerged victoriously. Job well done! Here are just some of the products Ivey walked away with: Tokyo Milk Lotion, ELF eyeliners and blush applicator, Avon cream blush sticks and eyeshadow palette, Wet N’ Wild highlighter powder, Maybelline Falsies Mascara and EyeStudio Eyeshadow, Urban Decay lip gloss, Physicians Formula concealers and face powder, and more.

Ivey, feel free to send us your review of any of these products that you might love or love least. And again, thanks to those who made the party such a success! We look forward to next year’s. As should you.

J & C

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