UPDATE: Make Up For Ever

Zee winner!

In the spirit of the holidays, a big thank you goes out to Make Up For Ever (MUFE) for responding to a recent complaint made by us here at Brooklyn Dolls. You probably remember when I said MUFE HD Foundation made my skin look rather oily after a couple hours of wear. I was not a fan at first. But, imagine being a kid and receiving a notification that your Christmas wish list was indeed read by Santa and is being processed for shipping. That’s pretty much how J & I felt when MUFE, after having read our complaint, emailed us to say they would be sending their HD Microperfecting Primer!

Let me just say, my assumption was correct. The HD Foundation alone did not work for me, but pair it with the primer (I have the neutral) and voila: long-lasting, smooth, dewy (not oily) skin. You know all those lines we tend to have on the forehead region? Well, the HD Primer acts as a base and prevents your foundation from finding a home within these cracks. Pretty good, right. So, should you want to party into the wee hours of the night (why you would want to do that I have no idea), use this primer and your face will look as good as when you left your house.

Also, we need to talk about the other item MUFE graciously sent, the Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation. It’s not really my cup of tea or better yet, my choice of foundation. It creates a great matte finish as if you’re wearing powder. But if you have dry skin (like mine), your face could look a little too powdery. It’s perfect for oily or combination skin types. This past week I gave a one-on-one beauty consultation to BD loyal reader, D. We went to one of my favorite places on earth, no not Disney World, but Sephora. After testing out numerous foundations, D and her combo skin fell in love with the Mat Velvet. My tip to her (and to you): apply the foundation in the store, wear it out for a few hours and if it still looks/feels good, then go back and buy. Well, three hours later and D now owns the Mat Velvet. Enough said.

In the end, I still hold my ground and say the HD Foundation alone didn’t work as I had hoped. But with the HD Primer acting as a glue, you’re left with a much more polished look void of shine. Thank you, Make Up For Ever.

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