Koh Gen Do is a Wedding Day Do

Scary.. yet effective. And in wedding-day white!

The spread.

Last week, C and I hit up the very-crowded Wedding Salon in NYC. No, neither one of us had a giant rock on our fingers (well, not the engagement kind anyway), but instead we were off to see what’s big in the bridal beauty world this year And sure, we may have sampled some cakes. Oh, and C found a feathered dress she loved. But those are all minor, minor details.

Anyway, one must-hit stop was the Koh Gen Do booth, where we saw one bride-to-be getting a warrior-looking Macro Vintage Essence Mask applied to her face. As one of the brand’s representatives explained, the mask is the perfect start to a bride’s wedding day. Not only does it pack a huge moisture punch that lasts from morning to night, but the treatment leaves behind a velvety layer that helps seal in any makeup that is applied afterwards. Voila! Picture-perfect skin and long lasting makeup– after just ten minutes. We were also assured that the mask was great for even the most sensitive skin before being sent on our way with trial sizes of the brand’s Cleansing Spa Water. After all, there were actual brides waiting for beauty tips. We’ll keep this one in mind though.

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