Make Up For Ever: Highly Disappointing

The shine culprit

This is probably going to come as a shock to BD readers. I found a flaw in the almost-always-adored foundation that guarantees flawless-looking skin. Anyone I’ve ever spoken to about my skin recommends Make Up For Ever. Dina Manzo, Real Housewives of New Jersey starlet, says Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is the one product she can’t live without. I know this because I read her blog. No judging, please. And famed stylist Rachel Zoe also swears by said foundation. Yes, we know she may not be picture-perfect, but those who have seen her prior to makeup application know what I mean. We need to give her makeup some serious credit (focus on mouth area).

With Bravo-lebrities Zoe and Manzo in Make Up For Ever’s corner, I thought I would have the same reaction. As J mentioned, we were highly impressed by Make Up For Ever’s studio inside Sephora. It felt like home. Not that our homes look like the backstage of a Vegas dinner show (sadly), but we definitely thought about moving in and never ever leaving. They wouldn’t notice, right? The Sephora employee who helped us was incredibly nice. I went there asking for the HD Foundation and that’s what she showed me. She told me it would make my skin look dewy, which I like, but I didn’t realize within a couple of hours dewy would turn into oily. Don’t get me wrong, the coverage was great. The shade chosen for me blended into my skin so well, you couldn’t even tell I was wearing makeup. But every time I wore the foundation, within hours I was looking shiny. I had to repeatedly buffer my skin with powder. And for $40 a bottle, that’s not cool.

I don’t want to completely insult Make Up For Ever. J bought their Mat Velvet Foundation and loves, and it really does look great on her. And for me, maybe I should try Make Up Forever HD Microperfecting Primer (which also gets rave reviews) underneath the HD to prevent the shine from rearing its ugly head. Make Up For Ever, I know you’re reading, send us some primer and redeem yourself.


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