In-Stain in the Membrane

The ol’ lipstick on the notepad demo.

First of all, let me just say that today I bought a Mega Millions ticket. So if I win, I am going to retire. I’ll still write on BD (when I’m not having Mallomars fed to me), but if you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, C and I flew to Disney World to celebrate my victory. Consider yourselves on alert.

Anyway, another product that I am always hearing about in magazines, including Allure’s “Best Of” issue, is Revlon’s Just Bitten Lip Stain. And what do you know? I was perusing the shelves at Walgreens on a recent Saturday (yes, this is how I like to spend my Saturdays, thanks) and, upset about being empty handed, decided I should try it out finally. I picked up Crave, because I love pinks and this shade seemed bright, but still deep enough to not look foolish. Right?

Wrong! Let me tell you. I filled in my lips with the marker side and it was SO DARK. Much darker than any other lipstain I tried, almost a purple/fuschia. My mom keenly suggested that I could wear it on Halloween. Score! So, yes, the color was wrong, and perhaps the shades in this line are too deep for my liking. I will say this, though: Kudos to you, Revlon, for including a moisturizing balm on one end of the stick, as dryness is my main complaint with most stains (ahem, CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain). Also, thumbs up to Revlon, as the color was still going strong hours later, though lighter.

Well, naturally, seeing that the lighter shade looked better on me, I decided to just go easy on the pen and apply a sheer coat. This did not work. Wherever the color touched my lips, I would get a pink spot that wouldn’t blend, and when I would try to even it out, another spot would look darker. And so on and so forth. Lip spots. So, basically, this is a good stain for you if you like intense color that doesn’t fade easily. I’d try the only lighter color in the collection, but it looks neon, and we all know this probably means it is, in fact, neon. Oh well, this is definitely a great product for some people and I wouldrecommend over CoverGirl’s version. So there you have it.


One thought on “In-Stain in the Membrane

  1. I've started mixing deep colors with lighter colors and using art supply store paint tins and brushes. This way products like these end up being salvageable. Some of the textures on the low end lip stains are like magic markers!


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