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There’s a new sheriff in town…

Not to continue the recent love fest going on here at Brooklyn Dolls (I promise we’ll find some crappy lipstick or foundation to write about soon), but I have another product to add to the yes pile. And I realized it after reading a recent Glamour piece that cited anti-aging creams as one of the unlikely causes of adult acne (along with sugar and cell phones…not exactly groundbreaking stuff Glamour). But anyway, reading that bit about anti-aging products made me appreciate how much I like the latest moisturizer I’ve been using- ROC’s Multi Correxion Daily Perfecting Creme. It comes as part of a set, along with an Intensive Night Concentrate and a Daily Perfecting Cleanser, and was recently included in Prevention magazine’s list of the best anti-aging products. The system promises to fight dark spots, fine lines, and improve tone and texture, with results showing after a mere two weeks. So many promises! But is it true?

Ok so I’ve just been sticking to the day cream and passed the cleanser on to my mom (who complained about the strong scent), but it’s been 3 weeks and this moisturizer rules. The rich white cream (whose scent I found mild and pleasant) glides on like silk and I love how easy and smooth it makes applying foundation afterwards. I haven’t really noticed the reduction of fine lines (maybe that’s coming in week 4? I’ll let you know), but I’m happy with the good amount of moisture, which makes my skin feel soft– yet not greasy– long after it’s applied. I also have to give props for the lack of skin irritation and breakouts. And heck, I am even going to go out on a limb and say that my skin looks better with this than the Aveeno Positively Radiant moisturizer I used most of the last year and that every beauty magazine drools about all the time. Anyway, with the weather FINALLY getting cooler in NYC (no really, it’s been gross, I saw people running around in tanks and shorts in October and I wanted to trip them in protest), I can soon put this moisturizer up to the true test of good products anywhere: the winter-skin test. And as I’m impressed with the day version, I’m going to start incorporating the night one into my regimen, too. So go get the ROC Multi-Correxion Skin Perfecting System. Done.


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