Defying the Skin Care Odds

More gravity defying cream, please

It’s been an exciting past couple of weeks for Brooklyn Dolls. Yes, the Chilean miners were rescued! And we like that. Though, what I’m referring to is a little bit closer to home for those here at BD. We’ve found and spread the good word on some amazing products recently. You may recall this face-saving foundation, and this chunky Wet N’ Wild eye pencil. And one product that recently leaped its way to the top of the amazing list is Garnier’s Ultra Lift Pro Gravity Defying Cream. Sure, one might say, “Brooklyn Dolls, you ladies are way too youthful to try gravity defying cream.” My answer to that would be yes, we are very very young, but you’re never too young to think ahead. I already have my future planned, where I will live (a castle), where I’m going to work (in my castle). So why not prepare our skin for what’s ahead.

J gave me the Ultra Lift Pro as a nice little gift. No, I was not insulted, but rather anxious to try. The jar looks pricey. What you’d expect gravity defying cream to be. It’s red and glass, enough said. Despite the sleek look, it’s rather inexpensive, only $17.00. A greatly discounted option to the Crème de la Mer moisturizer J loves. The product itself is incredibly thick and creamy, like you’d want to put it on your Dunkin Donuts donut and call it a night. As soon as I rubbed it into my skin (blending upwards), my skin felt so soft. As I said, it’s a pretty thick formula, so it takes some time to for your skin to absorb completely. But luckily, it won’t leave your skin feeling the slightest bit greasy, which is a hard feat to accomplish for most moisturizers. It smells a little sweet which I don’t mind, but if you are opposed to scented face products, you might want to try a sample first.

Maybe my lines aren’t deep enough to notice the benefits of the anti-aging ingredients. Fine. Either way, this product is a gem and my skin feels soft. I want to pinch my own cheeks. Go get now, or at least during your lunch break.

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