Skin Fix

Sacred beauty vault: skin care drawer

If you read J’s last post (which I’m confident you have), you know we’re fans of Sephora. It’s a playhouse filled with makeup. Enough said. Yes, sometimes Sephora is hot and crowded and the lines are too long. But still, we rely on their expertise to select foundations that work well with our skin tone, shadows to bring out our eyes, and occasionally, make recommendations for products we wouldn’t have considered on our own. Well, on that note, I would like to discuss a little experience I had with Sephora a couple of weeks ago.

Picture it: Sephora, Lexington Avenue, Tuesday at noon. The weather was starting to get cool and the excitement in me started to build. At lunch I decided to walk over to Sephora in search of the perfect pink cheek color. I found such a color in Illamasqua blush. (Note: review to come)

After I picked out my new shade of blush, feeling good about myself, I headed over to the register where I was stopped by a Sephora employee. She asked if I needed her assistance and I kindly declined. In an attempt to earn her commission, she suggested I try a new product. Not one to turn down an opportunity to try something new (for free), I walked over to the big lit-up mirrors center stage of the store. Waiting there for me was an anti-aging eye cream which she claimed would be perfect for me. Say whaat? First, I was confused. Then, I was offended. She continued to say how this cream reduces fine lines around eyes (implying that I have them), and helps prevent more from forming (again, implying that I have them). I will leave this product nameless so not to give it the satisfaction. The Sephora Offender continued to apply the cream under my eyes, which at this point had no chance of making its way into my Sephora bag. After humoring her and saying I’ll think about it, I humbly walked to the check out line.

On line I contemplated whether or not I should complain about the floorstaff’s rudeness. But when it came to checkout time, I was told my Beauty Insider Card collected enough points to earn a free gift. I considered this Sephora’s apology. And what do you know. One gift option was a skin primer used to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Was this a sign? Probably not, but I decided to cash-in. I refuse to have anyone recommend an anti-aging cream for me, again.

The chosen primer was a little tube of Skin Prep FX, Nourishing Primer and Anti-Aging Serum. I applied every morning for a week under Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup. As much as I love this foundation, even without any prep, it does tend to fade away as the workday goes on and on and on. But so do my patience, so I can’t really fault Neutrogena. Skin Prep kept my foundation in place longer. And the so-called lines under my eyes were barely noticeable, and more importantly, my forehead was smooth. Not Kim K post-Botox smooth, but good-enough smooth. My whole face felt so soft, which is fine by me.

The sample size was teeny teeny, but it retails at $45 for a one ounce tube, so I’ll take it. It’s pricey, but if you have any lines, or if anyone rudely points out a few, it’s worth buying. You may want to order online, than go there in person. Sephora, I love you, but really?


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