You Gotta Tarte Me Up

warning: object appears pinker than comes out

For my birthday, I got a Sephora gift card and immediately ran off to the store to peruse the aisles. Bad idea. The Soho location was overrun, crowded, and hot. So I left and retreated to the comforts of Ahhh mucho better.

I had heard a lot about Tarte’s Natural Lip Stain with LipSurgence Technology in magazines, and the product got (mostly) rave reviews on the Sephora website. It promised to boost lip moisture 6000% (ok) and leave a pretty stain of color that wouldn’t fade. Never one to say no to soft lips, or any lip product with a pink color, I ordered the fuschia-esque Amused.

Within three (!) days (and this was standard shipping, too), a Sephora box arrived at my desk and I instantly fell for Tarte’s fat neon pink crayon. I applied it to my lips with the thick applicator and I have to say the minty scent was unexpected, but I didn’t mind it, especially since there wasn’t anytoothpastey flavor. Just one swipe and my lips were barely pink, but with a few more, the fuschia intensified to a bright pink stain. While my lips did feel softer, I have no idea if they were 6000% more moist- I feel like you’d need a scientist on hand to measure that. But as soon as I took a sip of coffee I noticed this:


Ah yes. The dreaded pink lip on the cup. And yet– a few hours later and the color was still on my lips. Not as bright as when first applied, sure, but definitely still there. As for softer lips, I can’t really notice a big difference. I will say the product definitely didn’t dry out my lips, which is always a plus, but I can’t tell if my lips are that much moister. Overall, though, I’d recommend the Tarte stain if you want a stain that does last all day and not dry out your lips, as some stains will (I’m looking at you, Cover Girl).

Happy bday to me!

Oh, one more thing of note. Aside from fast and free shipping, I’d like to praise Sephora for the birthday gift I received as a Beauty Insider. Last year, I remember receiving three of their ok-but-sort-of-sticky lip glosses. Meh. But this year they stepped it up with this eye make-up set composed of Sephora brand mascara, a nice, charcoaly-green eyeliner, and a shimmery white eye-shadow. Not bad, Sephora. Not bad.


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