BD Takes You To Europe. You’re Welcome.

My new friend.

So a little trip recap- I have to start off by saying I’ve failed you and didn’t end up using the La Mer moisturizer (or any makeup for that matter) during the entire trip. And yet- I definitely noticed that my skin had less blemishes. Maybe it was the fresh Alpine air or perhaps the lack of foundation, but I have to say that even despite plane air, my acne miraculously kept at bay. Another story entirely are the forehead wrinkles that seemed more pronounced than usual by the end of the trip- a combo of being tired and prob dehydrated (let’s just go with that theory)- but not pretty. Ill spare you the photos.

So anyway I did find my new favorite beauty store in Munich called Muller. They have everything- American lines (Maybelline! With cuter packaging! But also way pricier- as their makeup seemed in general- even ignoring whole Euro/Dollar conversion), an extensive perfume section, and a slew of German lines with American names (Manhattan, anyone?). C will have to review some of said products (I nabbed her a couple), but I also spotted the famed Labello Lip Balm and swiftly bought a bunch- a couple as souvenirs and one for myself- in the classic formula. I’d heard raves about the brand before, but had never seen it, though I bet you can find stateside, or atleast pick it up online at

And let me tell you, it is awesome. So smooth and makes my lips feel buttery- much better than waxy Chapstick, and for under 2 Euro (about 3 bucks), it was definitely a trip find. One of the friends I gave it to already gave it a good review as well. I also picked up a Muller brand lip balm in pomegranate for a friend (hey, I’d never seen pomegranate balm before), so I’m waiting to hear how that worked as well.

Also, New York, can we get a Muller? Did I mention there’s also an insanely large candy section?


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