Natural Solutions

Look at me – going organic!

I must agree with J in one of her previous posts. I too have been feeling the harsh summer reign on my hair. Anyone who has seen me this summer knows I haven’t worn my hair down probably since the Spring, when the weather was still cool enough to let your hair fall on your neck without feeling instant discomfort. Nowadays, it’s so much easier to sweep my hair up in a bun, spray it and forget it.

Though, every time I twist my hair atop my head I feel the brittleness – the chlorine damage, the humidity, the hairspray used to glue every hair perfectly in place. I was under the impression that my shampoo and conditioner is all I need to help the cause, but clearly that’s not the case. Every intense moisturizing conditioner, every damage-reversal shampoo did the same for me. Nothing. Stepping up my game, I begrudgingly looked to the organic stuff. Not usually my first choice. I’m not big on the whole organic food craze, let alone when it comes to my beauty regimen. But I figured, let’s see if this organic thing is actually better. Admittedly, I was hoping it would fail. Maybe if the organic shampoo sucked, I would feel better for choosing a Dunkin Donuts muffin over Whole Foods’ selection of organic vegan muffins. Somehow this made sense to me.

Being known in its field, I tried Avalon Organics Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner with rosemary and wheat protein. It promised to add volume and strengthen limp lifeless hair, while producing a healthy shine. Sold. So, I’ve tried and noticed some difference. My hair is softer than it has been recently. Almost shiny. Not commercial-hair shiny, but some highlights have been spotted. I’m not enjoying the volume I had hoped for, but having not cut or styled my hair since April, it’s probably the best it could do. The smell of the rosemary on the other hand is a problem. It has that pepperminty Vicks Vaporub scent. I guess that means it’s working?

I recommend Avalon Organics for those looking to help dehydrated dullish hair. Those looking for Teresa Giudice’s volume, this bottle won’t do the trick. (Not sure what would give you that hair or, even more importantly, who would want her volume/hairline.) And don’t forget, if you do try the Avalon, hold your nose.


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