Eye-Opening Success

Massive lashes (ignore the eye redness: it’s early/pre-work)

Words never complemented each other better than EXTRA VOLUME COLLAGEN. Volume is great in referring to lashes, but extra volume is well, even better. As consumers, we like extra things. For instance, chocolate chip cookies are delicious, but cookies made with extra chocolate chips are even more delicious. Shamelessly, many products throw the word collagen out there; collagen lip plumping lipstick, collagen moisture filler. Usually J & I are skeptical about these grandiose promises. Hopeful, but skeptical.

I was recently handed
L’Oreal’s Extra Volume Collagen Mascara, named after the key ingredient- hydra-collagen. Well, L’Oreal that’s pretty brave of you to name it that. People who purchase said product come with pretty high expectations from the name alone. Should you fail, all your collagen claims will be forever scrutinized. At least on this blog.

BD is no stranger to mascara, as our loyal readers know.
Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara is pretty much the gold standard in mascara, at least in my eyes (no pun intended). I know J has her favorites too. Numerous attempts to find a drugstore equivalent of Great Lash have been made, and I’ve come close, but never quite there. I see prettier shinier packaging and I say to myself “oooh, I want that.” But then when I try it out, I realize how great I had it with Great Lash, and I go running back. Sigh.

So for this review I’d like to compare Extra Volume Collagen to Great Lash, as a reference point. And basically, if you can beat Great Lash, you beat everything else by default, at least in the drugstore world. Luxury mascaras, as Lancome has touted (relax Julia Roberts), is a different story.

And the results are in…

Firstly, Extra Volume Collagen (to be referred to as EVC from here on in) packaging is mehh. It’s simply black as opposed to Great Lash’s recognizable green and pink packaging. Not very memorable. Fine, it was trying to be sleek. In terms of application, EVC lengthens as well as Great Lash, BUT produces more voluminous lashes AND doesn’t smudge. Smudging is my biggest (ok, up until now, only) issue with Great Lash. Lashes look good, but I always get the black smudge on the upper lid no matter what I do. Sorry Maybelline, I have to be fair. Apply two coats of EVC and your lashes will look big. It comes out a little clumpy so if you have a mascara comb, you might want to separate lashes after application. I use a safety pin, but I wouldn’t recommend it/we don’t want to be held responsible for punctured eyeballs. For a more dramatic look, apply black liquid liner to the upper lid along with your mascara. Or if you’re in a more festive mood (it’s Thurdsay morning, people, work with me), try lining your lower eyelid with a blue pencil, as featured in photo above. Prestige makes a great kohl eyeliner pencil in Midnight Blue.

In the end, EVC won. My lashes looked fake. That’s all it takes for me. Whether or not it will win recognition in Allure’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards over Great Lash remains unseen. Though I’d like to see that tiara passed.


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