Mousse Trap

Airbrushed perfection? Or just a dream? HMMM.

As a devoted fan of Maybelline’s Dream Liquid Mousse foundation (though you’ll recall C is not a fan of the original Dream Matte Mousse), I had to try the line’s newest foundation, Dream Smooth Mousse. It promised to “blend seamlessly” and the model in the commercial said it gave her “airbrushed skin,” so why not me, too? I like airbrushed skin as much as the next person. So I set out to get me some.

Let me say that at first I was disappointed because I didn’t find the exact shade I have in the liquid version- Natural Ivory- so I settled for Classic Ivory. Please explain to me how two different variations of the same foundation line don’t have the same colors. But ok.

Anyway, I took “Classic Ivory” home and let me say I really do enjoy the texture. If you’ve ever tried the original Dream Matte Mousse, it’s sort of like that, but thinner and slicker. One sweep of the sponge and the makeup didn’t really show up, so you really need to get it on there. But once applied, I do have to say it did give me a very even tone all over and did a fair job of covering blemishes. I did notice a few flakes (which, admittedly, I’ve been getting from any foundation recently because of the sun drying my face out), but still- this was not airbrushing. It’s definitely a step above the original Dream Matte Mousse, but I still think I’ll be buying another bottle of the line’s liquid version sooner than later, as I’m almost out (which almost never happens.)


One thought on “Mousse Trap

  1. I really loved the finish this provided, but it felt a bit heavy on the skin. The most depressing part was the poor color match. I picked up the Classic Ivory 150, the lightest warm color, but it was still too dark for me! Bummer!


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