Beauty Arsenal: Olga

What Retin-A can do.

In this, Brooklyn Dolls’ second installment of Beauty Arsenal (you’ll remember our first BA starring Kendall), we’d like you to meet Olga. This Queens Doll, who hails from Ukraine and has lived in both Brooklyn and Staten Island, has perfect skin and a model-worthy smile, yet claims to accentuate said features (and really do all of her make-up) on the subway. Impressive! Find out what makes up Olga’s make-up bag below:

Retin-A Micro: “You won’t need to bother with any other skin are products (including concealer) once your skin gets adjusted to it, and it prevents wrinkles. I’ve already recommended this to all my friends.” [Ed. Note: She has. It’s true.]

CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain: “I know the Brooklyn Dolls are not fans of this lip stain, but I use it every day. I hate when my hair gets caught on sticky lipgloss, and reapplying is a chore; this formula solves both problems. Bit of Blossom is my favorite: just one layer and lips look naturally flushed, several and it’s a legit red lip.”

CoverGirl LipSlicks in Daring: “Lip stains are drying, so I use this to avoid flaking. It’s pigmented enough to make a difference, but is more balm than gloss, so you can apply without a mirror.”

Urban Decay Techno Eyeshadow Quartet: “The only eye makeup I own and I do not feel limited. It contains a silver shadow for quick brightness, glittery black for a dark party eye, gray for a typical day at office and light purple just for fun. All of these blend well, so it’s fun to experiment, and the package is small enough for any wristlet or clutch you own.” [Second Ed. Note: Sephora doesn’t sell this exact quartet anymore, but check out Urban’s other great eyeshadow sets at the link.]

Cargo Bronzer: “Necessary for office drones living under fluorescent lights. This is the only product I wear daily in the winter, as coworkers inquire about my health if I forget.”

So, to look like Olga, just buy the above. Done.

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