A Hair-Raising Issue

A pain-free way to get your collagen fix

Over the past month or so, I have to admit to neglecting my hair. No, not in the sense that I don’t wash it, but in the sense that I have been putting it up pretty much every day in a high bun (though now I guess it’s stylish to call it a “top knot.” But it’s a bun, people). Anyway it’s been a terribly humid, sticky, hot summer in NYC, the kind that makes it a not-summer in that its hard to be outside and enjoy being outdoors. C knows what I mean. We are thinking we should move to Canada, who is with us?

But anyway, I decided to forego a top knot/bun after the good people over at got2b sent C and I a bottle of got2b Fat-Tastic Thickening and Plumping Mousse to test. As noted many times before, I am a huge proponent of big hair and so this sounded right up my alley (oh man, I cannot wait for cold weather so I can wear my hair loose again). And here was a product promising “big plumped style” with the help of collagen, so really, how could I resist. I couldn’t. But did it live up to my wildest big-haired dreams?

Mostly, actually. I put the mousse in my hair post-wash and pre-bed and when I woke up in the morning my hair was still a bit damp, so I put it up and headed to work. Cut to me taking it down a couple hours later and voila! – big hair, tousled in the right places. Granted, by the time lunch came and went, it was drooping, but I think if I had used some hairspray after taking my hair down, it might have stayed put. Not bad, got2b (even though I really don’t like your name), not bad. I also should note here that I have also tried the line’s got2b Fat-Tastic Mega-Lift Root-Boosting Spray, which did add a lift, but also made my roots look greasy. But I’d definitely recommend the mousse. Mousse, please.


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