Pimple Pleaser

As I write this post, I am frightened by the fact that it hit 90 plus-degrees here in NYC, once again. I can’t feel it from my office, but I know it’s out there. Waiting for me. Summer really needs to end. I won’t stand for it anymore. J feels my pain and is too ready for the fall, perhaps even winter, judging by the fur coats we picked out this morning. Unless your job is a lifeguard or poolside bartender or professional TV-watcher (sigh), there’s nothing enjoyable about summer. Sure, we get tan. Then we get wrinkles. Summer, what have you done for me lately? Ohhh, I know. You made me sweat…on the subway, on the walk to and from the subway, and on and on. Then, what do you know, the breakout.

As I mentioned in a previous post about how I treated my sunburn earlier this summer (again, thank you summer sun), Noxzema recently launched new acne-fighting products. Just as I suspected, I got the opportunity to put this product to work. It wasn’t long before the summer heat left its mark on my sensitive skin. The constant wiping sweat off the brow, the clogged pores, the pointless attempts to apply concealer. I gave Noxzema a chance, because simply put: I love them. They claim to know summer. So, it seemed like a wise choice.

To anyone suffering from summer skin, or just the occasional pimple in general, GO GET. Push aside your mouse and run to your closest Duane Reade. It’s that good. I tried the Clean Blemish Control Foaming Wash. It’s oil-free so it doesn’t feel greasy, because we don’t need more of that on our faces. And it has my favorite acne-fighting friend, salicylic acid. Unlike other products containing salicylic acid, it’s not over-drying. But the main selling point is the classic Noxzema refreshing feel, which we all love. This stuff works pretty quickly. You’ll be good by the morning. (Note: The only downside is the pump doesn’t grant you much control over how much product exits the bottle.)

Summer, hear my plea. Noxzema did.


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