Lady in Rouge

Ooh la la

Let me start off by saying that in no way, shape or form is Brooklyn Dolls endorsed by consumer goods powerhouse, Procter & Gamble (better known as P&G). Would we like to be? Sure. Call us P&G Beauty. Admittedly, this post might seem like we’re playing favorites, but rest assured, we are not.

Last week as I was sorting mail, I noticed my grandma (yes, my grandma) had received a mini-sized magazine from P&G Beauty titled Rouge. Now, to put it into perspective, my grandma is pretty fashionable. My collection of purses and jewelry is about 40% hand-me-downs from her. She orders from HSN and JcPenney a lot. So maybe P&G got her name from their mailing lists? Either way, Rouge landed in the hands of the appropriate target: Me!

The magazine itself is underwhelming. It’s basically a book of ads for P&G products or, as I would like to call it, a brag book. It’s understandable: P&G does own a wide array of beauty brands. Cover Girl, Olay, Pantene, just to name a few. I carried the mag with me on my hour-plus commute and got through it in under five minutes. Mehhh., on the other hand, is worth your time, especially when you’re at work and Forever 21’s website has nothing to offer.

The site is divided into how-to tutorials, expert advice/Q&A’s, style tips, and P&G product descriptions. Throwing modesty out the window, all the how-to’s and expert advice columns somehow integrate P&G brands. Reader’s question: “I have dark circles, help me!” Expert’s answer: “You should try Cover Girl & Olay Simply Ageless Concealer.” Submit a question on any topic beauty-related and you’ll get an answer. A P&G answer, but still, a pretty good answer.

My favorite section is the how-to. This section covers topics such as how to: protect your skin and hair in the summer (thank God), perfect your eyebrows, make your skin glow (!), choose the right products for you. And some lessons even include video walk-throughs where makeup artists showcase their skill on camera. Pretty smart.

Annnnd….yet another how-to.

Will I sign up to receive the free magazine? Probably not. But will I be checking this site routinely during my post-lunch coma? Absolutely.


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