A Mane Event

I don’t have a weird blonde spot in my hair, despite what this pic suggests.
I have a new man in my life. It’s a love of affair of a different sort, though. His name is Michael and he works at Allure Salon on Sheepshead Bay Road (right next to Brighton Beauty Supply– how convenient!). The other day I was looking for a quick trim and the woman who usually cuts my hair was out. Panicking, I called up another hairstylist who my mom recommended, but he was out as well. Great. Now, I know my hair is long and even when I get it cut, people can’t tell, but that’s the way I like it. And when someone cuts too much, I get really upset. In fact, I grip the arms of the salon chair like some people grab their seats on airplanes during turbulence. On top of all this, my cousin’s wedding is just a week away and I want to be able to put my hair up, meaning no too-short pieces allowed.

But anyway, I decided that a trim couldn’t be messed up too badly. I’d passed Allure Salon before and it seemed sleek and clean, and the (attractive, which made me feel better) woman at the front desk assured me a trim was only $35. Ok, sure. Cut to 20 minutes later, and I had exactly what I wanted. The very bald, very European-looking Michael sliced front layers with his razor, cut exactly where I asked (and checked with me each time, even though at some points he tried to be funny and pretend he was cutting more, har har har), and even blew it out holding two blowdryers in one hand. Kind of impressive. And not to sound creepy, but there is definitely something nice about having a man style and cut your hair. As anyone who knows me knows, I hate sitting in one place very long for haircuts, manis, and pedis, so I really loved that the visit was quick and still efficient. After Googling Allure online when I got home, I found out Michael is actually the owner and has been styling for over 20 years. He must have thought I was crazy for not trusting him to do anything correctly, but he didn’t show it. Sorry, Michael! I’ll be back in the fall, and maybe I’ll go even shorter. Or you know, maybe just a trim. Anyway, go to Allure and ask for Michael. Your wallet and hair will thank you. And me.


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